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Our Purpose

Our Mission:

Harlan Miller & Associates is an independent firm whose primary mission is to assist clients in planning and implementing their financial objectives. Our approach is to solve problems rather than sell solutions. Our efforts focus on a wide range of financial needs of individuals and closely held businesses.

Our Philosophy:

We are dedicated to serve clients with integrity, professional competence, quality service and value. We believe that consistent quality financial advice is best achieved when the advisor is committed to thoroughly understanding, analyzing and evaluating the needs and goals of the client. We are motivated by a pursuit of excellence and adherence to the highest ethical standards.

Our Strategy:

While the term wealth has many connotations, we describe it as "adequacy of financial resources to maintain or improve a standard of living and/or financial stability that has been obtained, or is attainable, by an individual, family, or business enterprise."

Harlan Miller & Associates' strategy is to facilitate circumstances to most effectively meet our clients' objectives. This requires the assessment of their current situation, recognition of both current and future needs and wants, and finally identifying the appropriate steps to help realize those goals. We seek to develop a trusting relationship, recognizing that with trust comes the responsibility to be an effective catalyst for growth.

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